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postmortum confirmations

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any chance if finding out if any of your pending claims were confirmed after a pilot has died? I had a pilot with three confirmed at six pending, and I died without knowing if he was an official ace or not?


If there's no way of doing this, how hard would it be to implement?



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well, during the war they wouldn't simply throw away a pilot's claims once he was dead, would they? I just want the game to decide if a kill was confirmed or not. It already does that if you're living... why not have it resolve the pending ones once your pilot dies so you get to find out.


And I know that a dead pilot wouldn't know if his kills were confirmed postmortum or not, but others would. I like to make logs and journals with my pilots, and if one of them dies with pending claims, I have no idea weather to list the kill as confirmed or not.

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