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Su27 - Su33 Cockpits In Lockon Identical???

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as u will see i have asked this q alreadt at the lock on forum at lomac site


but i a trying every channel to get an aswer from eagle or stormin


in lock on the pits of the su27 n su33 are the same !!! in rl this is not the case

i took some intel work into the books of andrei formin and yefim gordon and i must say this is wrongly modelled in lock on


pls nte that it was ok in flanker 2.0 n 2.5 - pls take a look at this topic from the lomac boards


if anyone gets acces to www-lock.on-ru and can post in russian on this site this would be great - maybe the russian connection has more close cntct with eagle dynamics




thks all for your support - is this a bug or did they not notice untill now - will it be patched or are we having the exact pits of the su27 on the cd hidden wrongly


brgds maksas u will notice , i have already issued tis topic earlier on the boards but i think we need some adv on this one seriously


are there any russian fans who can post this question on the forums of www.lock-on.ru in russian language :


question : why is cockpit of su27 identical in lock on to su33 cockpit - in real life this is not and also was not in flanker 2.0 - 2.5


see following link cn this matter




thks all for coop maks

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