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OFF3: changing the skin of the players craft

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sorry i have to ask this possibly recurring question(s), but every time i select a special (ace-)skin for my airplane in the duty rooster befor going to the field, it looks like, when finally starting the mission, most of the other planes ( f.e. my complete flight ) is wearing the same airtcraft skin i have chosen for my plane.

I thought i could select a unique skin for the players aircraft only or am i missing something?


And is there a way to backup my pilots with their campaigns? The created folders from CFS3 and OFF in "my documents" are still empty ( except screenshots ), the only changes i can see are in the game directory.

Do i have to backup the whole "campaignData" folder or is there an easier way to save them?


Thanks for your answers, i`m loving this game. :good:

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I can answer the first question.


Yes, unfortunately one of the limitations of CFS3 (and therefore OFF) is that at present, your wingmen all have the same skin as you.


The devs have said that they may look into this in the future, but it is a MAJOR undertaking...so don't hold your breath!


Hope that clears that one up.... Happy Flying

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