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I got to thinking about this since i started flying a Mig-21 in WOV mod recently.


Forget about all the marketing fluff and propaganda nonsense. What is the the basic, tried and true way to achieve the best in a certain aircraft is the subject for discussion.


I think this thread is better for Fighters rather than Bomber/Attack planes due to the more absract and sometimes arcane knowledge and skills that have to be employed at the moment of truth.


I'll start off with the Mig-21.... After take off, stand it on it's tail and climb fast and high while asking for info concerning the target about every 30 seconds. After reaching an altitude at least 5000-10000 ft higher than the reported enemy, head out directly towards the incoming foe. While moving to an intercept point, keep asking for info until you get a visual. Let the enemy go by until it's beyond your 3-9 line, keeping in mind that you also have to take in the speed and altitude of the enemy aircraft as well as your wingmans'


At the moment of decision, go full military power and roll the plane into an approach vector which should ideally be at the foes 6,7,or 8 o'clock by then. Now dive and let the speed build until your near(or) supersonic, meanwhile arming the missles. The best thing i have found is to dive lower than the the foe and close from a low position. Usually you will be able to blow by the escorts and reach a point where you can climb to both get the perfect missle envelope and to bleed off speed to prevent overunning the target.



Get in within a mile and let fly!


If you succeed or not the next step is always crucial...Turn towards your base and run like hell on full burner!



Forget dogfighting...you are flying an Interceptor. Hit and Run is the way to stay alive. Be wary of enemies with radar guiding missles (most commonly the F-4) and always be aware of where you and the enemy are at until you are back on the ground.

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