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OT Power strips

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Anyone that has a compter these days probably has a powerstrip for it,,,and if they are like me,,they have another powerstrip plugged into the powerstrip, and so on and so on....


Lowes is discontinuing a line of 4 ft powerstrips with 8 outlets..plenty of room for all those stuipid poweradaptors.




Model SSC52.....note that there seem to be 2 differnt sizes (48 and 52) that go under the same model number, but they are the same price around here....10.97..originaally 42.00


And they do have hardward for wall mounting...


they are in a display that has that track you use for hiding wires that run along a wall..(some of that is on clearence too)....


I emptyied out the lowes i went to (5 of them).

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