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Guest a10boar

Ohio Vipers for F-16B_10 178th/180th

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Guest a10boar

Ohio Vipers for F-16B_10 178th/180th

These are F-16C_B30 skins of the 178th and 180th modified and edited to fit F-16B_10 by a10boar. All the HARD work goes to HrntFixer!




Extract the files to your Objects\Aircraft\F-16B_10 folder.

(You don't need to extract the .jpg and readme to the folder)



Don't like them, simply remove the files from your from your folder.


Thanks and credit to Sidewinder86 (HrntFixer) for permission to use both skins, Team Viper for the aircraft. Feel free to use at will except PAYWARE!


Included in the zip:

This Readme





Now get out there blow stuff up the Buckeye way! :good:



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Guest a10boar

Wanted to add that I am using F-16B for WOI. But, you can use it in SFP1/WOV/WOE by adding cockpit folder, avionics.ini and cockpit.ini for any F-16 that is available as long as you change to match in the F-16B_10.data configuration settings like this example;



AircraftFullName=F-16B Blk10 Fighting Falcon










This works fine for me for right now. Hope this helps.

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