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SF2E - flyable MiGs in there?

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I am a BIG fan of the SF2V with its grrreeeaat Expansion Pack v2 installed...


I'd like to know what's in the E-version of the game - especially in terms of flyable "red" birds (East German, Russian, Czech MiGs and Sus maybe). The description says lots of interesting MiGs (21, 23) included but all of them only AI...

And in the download-area I cannot find add-on MiGs in the aircraft or cockpit section (let a lone something only close to the Expansion Pack for the V!) - "just" some addt'l (interesting) skins for East German MiG 23. But if I cannot fly them.....!?

...Or am I overlooking something?





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Hey Oliver,

You can find some excellent MiG pits in the SF 1 Series section of the downloads, those should work like a charm!

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Well up to now, my modding skills include applying new skins and aircraft, but no more. So I do not know if I was able to "mod" those things myself "already".

But if the SF1 aircraft do fit without much hassle, that sounds promising.


And how about "parallel" application of the E and the V? Are there two folders created - one each for the basic game on C and another one each on the user's drive for the mods - or do the two necessarily get mixed (which I wouldn't like very much)?

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