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New EAW1.28c features for multiplay.

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with EAW1.28c many things changed, actually only if the user want. ;)


EAW1.28c provide a new file loading system.


Technical background:

By default(EAW1.0-EAW1.28b) EAW at 1st look into the EAW root(same folder like EAW.exe is in) for addon files, if there is not the wanted, it take the default files from the ***.cdf files.

So by loading addon files into the EAW root, we can change EAW. The drawback is, that addon setups are difficult to adjust and the massive number of files inside the EAW root is very difficult to administrate.


The new file loading system allow us to create subfolders where we can point the EAW.exe to, with help of a dir.set file inside the EAW root.

The dir.set file is a list of additional folders where the EAW.exe look for files to be used in game.

If a Dir.set file is inside the EAW rootthe exe open it. The 1st folder name in the list will be the "main folder", the following "sub folder´s" need to be inside this "main folder".

So if the dir file is loaded and if we have the related folderstructure, EAW still at 1st look for addon files inside the EAW root, but before it look into the ***.CDF´s, now it will seak the folders for files.


So now we can store our campaigns/scenarios in "read only" subfolders and then we can load a wanted dir.set file to play this setup.

We still can load different skins, sky/horizons etc into the EAW root to change this setup, but by this we wont damage it anymore!!


Additioanlly EAW will create a Savedata folder in each available "main folder", where the related singlemission and campaign result files get stored.


Additionally you can create 5 seasonal folders(spring, summer, fall, winter, light_winter) inside each "main folder", where you can store seasonal terrains and/or just weather setups.

This seasonal terrains will get used fitting to the current game date.


Additionally EAW1.28c provide up to 5 different plane sets per scenario(main folder), which the Host can determine to be used.



A addon maker did offer the following setup:

Main folder name: ETO_01

Subfolder names: 1. Planeset0, 2. Planeset1, 3. Spring, 4. Summer, 5. Fall, 6. Winter, 7. Light_Winter.

Inside each of the plane sets are all needed plane files, like hargar screens, main screen, FM/DM, Skins etc.

Where Planeset0 could be a early ETO plane set(BoB - 1942) with 109F´s, SpitVs etc and the late plane set is more like the default one, but include SpitVLF, Spit16, FW190A6, FW190A8, 109G2, 109G14 etc

Inside the seasonal setup the seasonal terrain, groundobjects and weather setup get stored.


If you now place the related dir.set into the EAW root and start EAW, you can go to configure game and select the wanted planeset (1 or 2) and the season will change with the moving mission date.

In campaign mode the mission date always did move, but now it also move with every single mission you play.

Of course, with an EAW.ini setting, you also can dissable this, so none of the seasonal setups get used, or you can determine one of the 5 setups as static setup.


If you now go online and the others also have this ETO_01 setup, all load the related "dir.set" file and then the host determine which of the plane sets get used.


We can have a endless number of scenario setups(SAW, SPAW, DAW, RAW, FAW etc), they all will get used just by loading the related dir.set file.

Each of this scenarios can include up to 5 plane set folders to be used online.


Also the mission date(month/day) will get transmitted, so all players can play in the same season.





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