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For the people who play or want to play via GameRanger

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since the EAW community is very smal this day´s and cause almost all people, who play on GameRanger, mod EAW anyway(in this or that way), we think that a "open beta" development is the only that work, at least regarding the multiplayer related development.


We will most probably stay in a steady development, so we decided to have a permanent download link for the latests EAW1.28c_MP**.exe.


"MP" of course stand for "MultiPlayer", although some features also might be of interest for offliners.


This link will be always present as "welcome message", if you join the EAW TeamSpeak server, together with the date when the download got updated.

This is the current message:

Download the latest EAW1.28c "MultiPlayer" executable (05.Dez.09):



Here some important informations:


1. All our exe´s will have the "basic name" "EAW1.28c_MPxx"(EAW1.28c_MP01, EAW1.28c_MP02, EAW1.28c_MP03 etc).


2. Unless we did implement critical gameplay related changings, we wont change the netcode and "basic name" of an new exe. For "not citical adjustments" we only will add a "character" to the name, while the new exe stay fully compatible regarding the gameplay.



The 1st exe is called "EAW1.28c_MP01". If we make a "not critical adjustment", it will be called "EAW1.28c_MP01a", if we make another "not critical adjustment", its "EAW1.28c_MP01b", etc.


3. A "not critical adjustment" is a new feature or bug fix, which dont change the gameplay or world setup.

For example the new feature to enlarge the "chat font" by an new EAW.ini value is not a critical adjustment. While a changing in the flight/damage model routine would be a "critical changing".


4. If we make a "critical adjustment", where the gameplay isnt compatible anymore, we will change the netcode and the basic name to "EAW1.28c_MP02" and so on.

Only in this case its realy needed to have the latest exe to be able to play online.


5. Since the zipped EAW.exe itself is a rather smal file of just 590kB, it shouldnt be a problem to stay up to date.


I dont expect many "critical adjustments" anyway.


Its of course needed that as many people, who want to play on GameRanger with EAW1.28c_MP, stay informed and up to date and that all explain possible newbes the rules.


So please help the people to setup TS, or at least give them the above download link, so they can download the latest exe, if needed.


Here you get GameRanger:



Get "TeamSpeak2 Client" here:



Install Teamspeak2 client:

Server Address: sydbod.hopto.org

Choose a nickname.

Log in as "Anonymus".

No Password requiered.



So at best you copy this message and store it as text file, at least the links!





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