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Combat report.

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We just had a great LONG groundstarted intercept.


1st time i did use the new rearm option in a regular game.


4 Bf109G´s + 4 as reserve on the ground vs 12 B24th and 12 P51´s.


What a fun.


Before the game we adjusted the mission parameters, so that the Bombers had to pass our base and the target was a other base.

In this way we was able to attack them when they was inbound and on the way back.


After i crashed a damaged bomber, which decided to zoom up, right into my flight path, i took off again. This time without gunpods, to take care for the escort.


After shooting down one P51D, i wasnt able to catch a other, cause they was much faster, so i decided to go for the bombers again. When they was close to the target i had some luck and 2 more 4-Mots was going down, just by burning the engines. Since Roller just arrived with a new 109, and my plane already took plenty of hits, now the escort was my target again.

While Roller got one more Bomber, i got another P51 from his tail, then the remaining Bombers dropped their bombs and destroyed a Hanger.

Although only 5-6 bombers made it to target, we already lost two planes and one was returning back to base, rearming.


Right after that i landed my plane on the "target base" base to rearm. And now it got obvious how long this all take and the 30 seconds on the ground realy felt like 30 minutes.

When i was up again, the bombers already was 30 Miles away heading home.

Only cause they was flying right over our homebase, the others(Roller, ShoGun and Warbird77) could destroy the last returning bombers, while one already was landed on its homebase(he returned damaged before the target) and another(damaged) had to land close to the target.

Now we was aiming for the P51´s and once again we had some luck, cause they decided to look for the damaged bomber, which landed near the target, so they came right to my position and some got nice low.

After a while we got them all but one(now with 4 pilots, cause Warbird, who had to eat right after game start, was back). This last Mustang was high and escaped in a shallow dive.

Then we did return to base. Here the low-time-education of the german pilots in November 1944 took its price.

After landing, 3 of the 4 returning 109´s had broken legs.


So all over we lost 6 of our 8 planes, 2 in combat and 4 by accident.



Next time i choose SpitIXc´s as escort, they are more agile in low to medium altitude.


Great fun anyway, thanks to all invulved, looking forward to more games this evening(Europe).





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