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F-4 Ailerons to work with the SF2V Expansion Pack Gold

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In the SF2V the F-4's ailerons haven't been animated until TK fixed this with his Dec 2009-patch.

After applying the patch and running the Expansion Pack v2 Gold, I see the F-4J's ailerons being animated, but none of the other F-4's.


Comparing the stock mod-folder-generated-after-running-the-game-once with the XP-Gold-modded one, I see no DATA.INI's for the F-4's in the original version - so reason seems to be a value/entry overwritten by the XP Gold.

I asked in the TW-forum, and here is, what I have been able to find out.

First, this is what TK replied:

"Well, I think you have modded (or extracted old) F-4 data.INI and/or .LOD file. You need to check the Aileron section and make sure the aileron model node name matches the node name in the LOD.

What does your ModelNodeName= under [LeftAileron] and [RightAileron] say? If you're using current stock .LOD (ie, you don't have old .LOD extracted), they should say aileron_left and aileron_right ."


Before checking that, I made a comparison between the J's and the other's // Control Surfaces:

1) The F-4J's DATA.INI included sections [LeftAileronDroop] and [RightAileronDroop] not found on the other F-4's.

I asked whether adding those entries to the other F-4's would do the trick, but TK wrote:

"...no, [LeftAileronDroop] and [RightAileronDroop] should only be in F-4J, as that version has the aileron droop for landing flap setting."

So, no-go on that.

2) Instead (and in place) of the [LeftAileronDroop] and [RightAileronDroop] the other F-4_DATA.INI's have [LeftLEFlapInner2] and [RightLEFlapInner2] with only slight differences in the entered values. But the Droops do have "ReverseModelOrientation=TRUE", whereas the Inners don't have any such line.



Next I checked and compared the [LeftAileron] and [RightAileron] entries for "ModelNodeName":

The J has "ModelNodeName=aileron_left" whereas the other F-4's have "ModelNodeName=drooping_aileron_left" (both for "right" accordingly) entered there..... (Unfortunately I cannot check back if those names - without the "drooping" do match the ones in the .LOD - anybody can? But I think the Gold didn't rework the .LOD's - exception see below.)

Well, TK said, those entries should read "aileron_left" and "aileron_right" - so my bold assumption is that changing those values accordingly might fix the problem.

I changed those entries but was not yet able to test them yet (will do on the weekend).


If you want to try before, I add revised DATA.INI's for all the F-4's (except the working J) included in the Gold - the ONLY change made was replacing the "ModelNodeNames" with "aileron_left" and "aileron_right", the rest remains unchanged.


Just drop the new DATA.INI's into their respective aircraft-folders, overwriting the existing ones (and don't forget to save back-ups of the original DATA.INI's before!)

A note on the OWL- and RIVET HASTE-F-4's coming into the game with the XP Gold:

I didn't check those for working ailerons before and (if they were not animated) I cannot say, if this will work for both aircraft too, (as those may/do have modded .LOD's in the /Aircraft folder), but I noticed the OWL having the same entries like the B-E's (so the change might do the trick) and the RH does already have the same entry as the J - so no change necessary there.

Just a disclaimer: there might be some more work necessary for those...


I hope my changed DATA.INI's solve the ailerons not being animated...

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Yup, that seems to work great (at least the two aircraft I checked have full ailerons now)...


I only forgot same for F-4_67! You can easly do yourself: just delete "drooping_" from the ailerons in the DATA.INI



BUT: I checked the Rivet Haste and it does NOT have animated ailerons... Anybody to shed more light on THAT?

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Okay, here's the (fully tested) summary now...


The fix works for the following:


- EF-4C

- F-4B

- F-4B_65

- F-4B_67

- F-4C

- F-4C_67

- F-4D

- F-4D_67

- F-4D_69

- F-4E

- F-4E_72


F-4's OWL, Rivet Haste and the to RF-4B/C do have their own set of .LODs - so the aileron-fix doesn't work there.


Enclosed the (final!) zipped original and new DATA.INIs.

Just drop the contents of the "new" into your /Aircraft-folder and let the DATA.INIs be overwritten with the new ones. The "original"-folder serves as back-up of the original DATA.INIs.

F-4 DATA INIs.zip

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