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Israeli modern pilots

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One of my next projects are the Israeli pilots trough the years,

most of them are done,but i really need pics of the modern ones from 1990 to present end expecially their flight helmets cause they're slightly different from the basic US helmets layouts.

More photos i have more detail I can give post pics here or PM me!



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Kind of stupid, but watch the movie "Iron Eagle". The IAF pilots wore modified HGU-26/P helmets with single visor housings covered in dark grey "mole skin". Mole skin is a soft felt we'd place on/in the helmets to prevent rubbing/chafing. The masks were mostly MBU-12/Ps, but I think some could be wearing the MBU-5/P.


In the 90's, they would be wearing the HGU-55/P with MBU-12/P mask.


And now, they've got the JHMCS with MBU-20/P mask.


They've pretty much followed the USAF, aside from the few French aircraft wear French gear was worn.



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I think they didn't wore french apparels despite of the french planes the flew.

During the 50's they mostly wore usaf flightgear with the P-4 helmet and MS-2-2001 mask (done)

In the 60's they wore the same suits but with the HGU-22P with the same mask using the same buckles system reatiner(done)

in the 70's the wore USAF 60-70 style flightgear with the HGU-2P /MS 2-2001 but with bayonets an this til the early 80's(done)

in the same time Ahit pilots wore the USN MA-2 torso combination

During 80 and 90's the wore a slightly modified combination with the late type MA-2 harness and the TAMA ULH-3 helmet (the same used in Iron eagle) (done)

In the late 90's to present they wear the same gear plus the LPU-17P life preserver and local modified HGU-55 and HGU-68 plus DASH helmets


Photos i really need are about the last 3 helmets!




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