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Fly any plane in dogfight

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Hey guys, frugals has been down for way too long and I don't remember how to fly any plane in dogfight mode, although i can in campaigns. I really want to sharpen my skills again-anyone remember at all? I know it was renaming the ValidAC.bin file for campaigns. Was it editing the dogfight file and calling planes flyable?


EDIT-I remember I'm jjust leaving this in case anyone else wants to fly an F-14 in dogfight mode.

Edit the TEplanes list in each campaign-open with notepad, change the last 0 to a 1 of any aircraft you want flyable, save to desktop, then copy and paste it back into the campaign area folder (ie /balkans.


I just waxed 3 F-15s on ace setting-man those Eagles have POWER.

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