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Top Force Hat Feedback

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I decided to get back into OFF recently, and picked up Hat-in-the-Ring today.   Truly amazing work, guys!


You have transformed CFS3 into a work of art and history.





I'm perhaps not as skilled yet as some of the veterans here, and sometimes still get that dust-up on landing badly where the plane flips.


My joystick is one of the old MS Force-Feedback2 kind.  I really like it, as there is a greater sense of "realism" for me.


I'm an old hang-glider pilot, and like the "feel of the wind," I guess.


Anyway, my issue is that the crash-effect on the FF lasts too long.   The real effect of the crash only needs to be 5 seconds or so waving


the joystick back and forth - uncontrollable like.   But it goes on.. and on... like the energizer bunny.





I've seen you do amazing things with this sim, and I've no idea how much control over FF you have,


but if possible, I would really appreciate a fix so that when any crash happens, the joystick only vibrates for 5 seconds or so.








Really great work guys.  I've been a fan since the first version.

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Basically the only control over the FFB is ON or OFF. Everything else is in your joystick program or lack of same. Just so we're on the same page we're referencing the MS Sidewinder II w/ the USB . . Nothing else should work




That is what I suspected... but if there is a way for you to just switch it OFF, say three to five seconds after a crash, that might accomplish the desired result.

Then when a new flight starts, switch it back on.



Thank you for the tips! I really appreciate that.

I'm setting up a new rig this weekend. And I will post some pics once things settle.



I do have a question on multiplayer.

I'm one of the guys with a CFS 3.0 CD in the CD-ROM drive, and an updated CFS3.1 installation on my hard disk.

As I write this, my installed CFS3.1 is unmodded. And my OFF installation is based on my installed 3.1

Now at some point, I am going to want to join you guys with OFF multiplayer and online fun.

(and BTW, I did read the FAQ and Q2M. When people try to join a game they get "mismatch" errors.)

What I am wondering is if I mod my CFS3.1 install, will that be an issue affecting my OFF multiplayer?

or will I have to remove those mods as well before joining an OFF multiplayer game?



Thank you for your help.

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