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When I edit heightmap bmp in Photoshop, heights do not turn out properly

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Ok I hope the title is not too big :grin:


Anyway if you ever had the problem when editing the heightmap exported as *.bmp file that heights turned out wrong the problem is in the palettes and here is the solution.


To save the palette, once you load it into PS go:

Image---->Mode---->Color Table



...and just save it anywhere.*




Once you edit the bitmap in PS, go to same path and just load the previously saved color table, then just save the bitmap and that's it... :wink:


This way you can even convert the image in other formats, so you can work with layers and truly edit the living soul out of your terrain, once you are done, just load the palette and save it as "Index" everything will be in place and completely TE compatible :good:



*-the palette file also came with the old 2003 terrain editor(Filename=terrain palette.act) but anyway saving it is fast and easy so you don't have to mess with it...

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