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WWI Ships

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Hi bhaskar2789


Yes these are impressive models. They are not in a form that can be imported directly into FE; they would have to be converted into 3dMax and then exported into FE. Unfortunately, the real killer is that they are very high poly models.


SMS Emden for example, takes 20 minutes to load with the original software with nothing else to display. FE or even FE2 it would choke on them, even in the correct format. There are 3dMax models that might be adapted, but not this series, at least not without heavy revision.


There are similar models available in for FE, and some folks (e.g. Hinchinrooke) are doing impressive ships for Third Wire games. Even given the ship models, there are programming issues that need to be worked through for FE (i.e. torpedoes - aerial and otherwise, ship movement and damage, etc).


You are right, all that would be very nice to have, but even with TK helping, it will take a while.


Sorry about that.



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Hey Sinbad, thanks for all the info. Also, what is the polygon count limit for FE, so that in future I examine stuff carefully before posting...thanks again


kind regards



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