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Brand new IL-2 squadron "We The Few" seeking members

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Hi everyone.

I found your forums while googling for modding tools for my website fusionpack.net (I'm 'Neuro' over therethere and on most other flight sim sites, but here that name was taken). When I noticed this section I decided to try and advertise the new IL-2 squadron that we are trying to start with a couple of friends.

We named the group "We The Few" because we thought it would be funny to play on line with a WTF tag, but after a while we changed our mind and chose a more 'neutral' TF tag.

So far, we have only the 3 founding members and are looking for people to join us.


Here's some basic info about our squad:

- International squadron (the first 3 members are from 3 different countries)

- Official squadron language is English

- We fly for both sides Allied and Axis

- We fly all kinds of planes (fighter, bombers, props, jets...)

- We use TS3 for voice comms.

- Our Teamspeak3 channel is at port 4288. (leave the password blank)


Those are the basics. More info at our website http://wethefew.net. Registration to the forum is free for everyone (not only squad members and applicants


Thanks for the advertising space :)

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Hi and welcome here, but for il2 there are better and much more frequented forums out there, ubi forum, SAS forum, AAA, 1C maddox and some other but those are the main forums ;) Try out VOW (Virtual online war)

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