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A4-B " El Tordillo"

Hello, I'm Falls. Here is a skin A4B Skyhawk aircraft for use primarily in the theater of operations Falklands.

This skin has a small touch mine no more, was originally created for the A-4E Super Echo by Column5 therefore clarify and repeat that I only made some minor changes and adapts it to the A4B Skyhawk.






To install this skin unzip the folder "Tordillo" and place it inside the folder:



*\Falklands 1982\Objects\Aircraft\A-4P (in the case of use in the Falklands 1982 Mod)











Acknowledgement & credits:


Column5, for the A4E SUPER ECHO (available for download in column5.us) created by them, where I took the excellent skin that I served as the basis for this modification














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El famoso C-222




The A-4B C-222 El Tordillo



Piloted by 1st Lt.. Cachon impacts the Transport Sir Galahad on June 8, 1982 during the Falklands Conflict causing serious losses to the British fleet

Take them to the glory, "said Captain Pablo Carballo annoying with that sound transmitters warplanes. First Lt. Carlos Cachon flying the A4B C-222 SkyHawk over the icy waters of the Atlantic

South when he received unexpected orders to take command of the squadron was to prevent the British landing at Pleasant Bay. A fortuitous Cachón left as head of the mission. The planes of the heads, the captain and first lieutenant Carballo Filippini, had been freezing their replenishment structures and could not deploy them to receive fuel from the cargo plane which was to maneuver in flight. Cachón deep breath and began to realize the most important mission of his life and for which he had prepared carefully for the last twelve years.

or very far away, at the entrance to Pleasant Bay, south of Stanley, two ships of 3,250 tons, Sir Tristan and Sir Galahad, loaded with British soldiers were about to start landing more important of the war. Among the bodies of Marines was the Queen of the Welsh Guards, the elite soldiers who are always used to be the first to take the objective as a symbol of British power. Two days earlier had rejected the request of UN secretary general Javier Perez de Cuellar, to declare a ceasefire that would allow Britain to reoccupy the islands peacefully. It had been 39 days of war and the British were advancing inexorably.

The cargo ship Sir Galahad was delayed by the thick fog that had in the bay and was moving slowly along the eastern flank

Lt. Cachón gave out their instruments and opened communication with the aircraft that had been under his command. He reiterated the orders and the squad slipped to the islands. They had to fly high and down almost at water level, were barely on the target. All in a highly dangerous maneuver of a few seconds. 250 pumps had three kilos of manufacture in Argentina. Were those giving the best result. Before pumps were tested with 500 and 1,000 kilos but were so powerful that pierced the ship and exploded in the water.

It was mid-morning and was flying Cachón for nearly two hours. Had advanced several miles to flush the salt water and clung to the hatch. Now he was at high altitude to fall suddenly on the target, but could not see the boats for salt and thick mist that covered the bay. On the other aircraft is expected notice:

They are there, right, one on each side of the peninsula!. "The two boats appeared between the gray clouds. Cachón ordered three of the five planes on the left would attack the Sir Tristan. And His another of the Skyhawks would launch their bombs against the Sir Galahad.












Attacking the headquarters of English General jeremy moore









On June 13, 1982, Captain Varela off in his A-4C Squadron part of the "Chispa", which along with the Squadron "Nene" were attacking the British troops which surrounded Puerto Argentino. He flew on a plane that had just unpainted gray primer, and therefore was called 'The Tordillo "which provided flight training in their numbers but sometimes lost sight of amid the rain, still visible only Stela marking at sea.

They went at very low altitude for the NO on the peninsula of San Luis Varela be the target of NE part of the hillside of Cerro Dos Hermanas. Passing on a hill, Varela sighted a kind of camp, with frames of radar and helicopters parked, so he pointed his watch and threw their bombs while ordering their numbers do the same. Then came a shift to the southeast, passing by a Sea King who shot him, unable to repel the aggression because they had another mission. By then, the squadron was attacked with a variety of missiles and projectiles.


Varela felt a loud explosion and saw a big flash near his aircraft, while listening to Lt. Roca scream at him to eject, because what had been achieved. Changing the shift from left to right and feeling the shock of the plane, heard the Lieutenant Mayor: "Lord, just a missile explode between your plane and mine." He tried to shoot another Sea King to be crossed, but noted that the engine temperature was far above the ceiling while producing abnormal sounds, so that reduced the power to keep it under control and ejected the external loads, waging return.

sir have eject!, I met! - The missile exploded with a strong glare -Captain, another missile from his plane and mine! - Strong vibrations and engine temperatures on the red arc.

Captain Varela ejected and reduced throttle loads, escaping to a place to jump by parachute.After a while, and looking for a reduced power, the plane remained in flight.

He thought well, the horse limped but kept the pace. He pointed to the west looking for the path of the sun, and horse and rider plunged into the vast sea.

When dropped on the landing, the engine stopped. sir, come see!, "Said the mechanic when the car fell on the apron. The compressor does not have blades, have melted!

A turbine can not operate without compressor. Dynamic pressure air flight one providential more throttle position had done the miracle.

The Tordillo, mortally wounded, his rider had brought home, breathed his last on-track






The Return of Tordillo









El Tordillo


At its current and rightful place of rest after giving glory in battle with the South Atlantic.





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