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FE Seasonal Town & Water Tiles now Available

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Seasonal Town and water tiles are just waiting for the zip to upload and to be cleared.

It is pushing the max file size limit, and I suppose it is Friday night. Don't you people have a life? :drinks:


Oh well, just filling in time here.

As I mention in the Read Me, I couldn't fly in all seasons (3 x Spring, 2 x Summer, 2 x Fall) over every terrain to test, so please while flying keep an eye out for anything odd. Take a screen shot and post here.


Known issues:

1) I know in Flanders the trenchriver tile that crosses the front has margins off, but that is a function of the original terrain and tile assignment.

2) One town in Verdun Terrain, south central of the front, has custom church placement (independent of tile.tod) and so churches are in odd places.

3) Roads do funky turns at the margins, and sometimes pass into buildings positioned right at the margin. Every town tile has completely unique building placement, and so seamless margins w.r.t. road crossings was not possible without shifting most buildings along the margins. I wasn't going there...

4) These town tiles have the look of depth to them (at least to me) because of multiple layers each with drop shadows. Because drop shadows have orientation, yet each tile is re-used at different rotation, so margins/interfaces sometimes show seams.

5) Some 3D buildings, and sometimes a complete tile's worth of 3D buildings, do not render. I do not know why, it isn't a function of this mod. BUT I have roofs rendered onto each tile (allowing building drop shadow) so that this bug is somewhat ameliorated. It also helps somewhat with the 3D render distance "front" as it advances.

6) Some monuments/statues (especially the one in the large round-about) need to be shifted slightly onto the pedestal. If anyone can do that in terrain editor that would be great and much appreciated!


If anyone wants the Photoshop files to build on this mod, please feel free to PM me, though I do plan on completing the winter version myself this fall.





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