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Egyptian Air Force F-16 block 40

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Egyptian Air Force F-16 block 40


The Egyptian Air Force operates 220 F-16s, making it the 4th largest F-16 operator in the world. The F-16 is the EAF's primary frontline aircraft, and is used for both air defence and ground attack.


In June of 1990, Egypt signed an order for 35 block 40 F-16C's and 12 Block 40 F-16D's, powered by the General Electric F110 turbofan. This order was under Peace Vector III, and these planes were intended to equip two squadrons as well as to make up for attrition. The first Peace Vector III F-16s were delivered to Egypt in October of 1991.


By 1997, all Egyptian F-16 aircraft were (or were being) modified to block 42 standard (see 'Modifications'). Since Egyptian Air Force F-16s were acquired under Foreign Military Sales, they carry USAF serial numbers for administrative purpose. In service, they carry a four-digit EAF serial number on their vertical tails.


++This Mod adds the F-16C block 40 for the Egyptian Air Force in WOI...



Aircraft Armament:


++Air-to-Air: AIM-9P,M Sidewinder-- AIM-7F,M Sparrow


++Air-to-Ground: Mk.82,83,84 bombs--Mk.20 Rockeye II--M260/261 Rocket pods--AGM-65B,D Maverick--GBU-10,12 Paveway II--CBU-24B cluster bomb


++Aircraft is also equipped with LANTIRN navigation and targetting pods



Installation instructions:


1-Unzip file

2-Copy contents to the specified folders (the folder named AAQ-14 goes to the weapons folder)

3-Copy the contents of (weapons.txt) to the (WEAPONDATA.INI) File, don't forget about the weapons editor

4-Enjoy :grin:





Ok, just to make things clear... All I've done here was putting together the work of other people, so the credit should go to them


++LloydNB , EAF skin for the F-16

++eankhilous, I used the Turkish F-16C made by him :ok:


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