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Herr Prop-Wasche

Herr Prop Wasche Damage Model 2 for HITR

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Herr Prop Wasche Damage Model 2 for HITR

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HPW Full Campaign Damage Model for OFF BHaH HITR





by Herr Prop Wasche



Zip file contents:



HPWDM2/aircraft folder with 477 individual aircraft folders and .xdp files





INSTALLATION: Important! This version of the damage mod is intended to be used only in conjunction with Jonesoft's Generic Mod Enabler and should not be installed UNLESS JSGME has already been installed into your CFSWW1 Over Flanders Fields game folder. With JSGME, installation and use of this, or any mod, is very easy. Simply extract the contents of the zip file into the MODS folder which is created by JSGME when you install it into OFF. To load the mod, simply run JSGME, highlight the mod you wish to use, click on the top button, and then start your game. That's it!



NOTE: This mod may be used in both QC battles AND the main campaign.





Thank you for downloading HPWDM2, a total revision of my previously released damage model for Hat in the Ring, the official extension to Between Heaven and Hell, the wonderful WWI flight sim modification of CFS3 by OBD Software. DM2 uses information about the dimensions and specifications of every aircraft in HITR in order to develop revised hit points for each major component of every aircraft currently available in OFF. The correlation between the historical size and dimensions of each aircraft component and the number of hit points assigned to that component in the game has been adjusted so that this correlation in now positive, instead of negative, as it is in many cases in OFF and previous versions of my damage model.



Engine hit points have also been adjusted so that the average aircraft engine has approximately 5% more hit points. Hit points also now correlate roughly with engine size or displacement. In addition, engine hit points now do not necessarily directly correspond with the chances of an engine catching fire. In the standard HITR installation, most aircraft are "set" to catch fire when 75% of their engine hit points have been used up. This percentage has been adjusted in almost every aircraft so that some will now catch fire when a smaller percentage of hit points have been used up, while others will only catch fire after a higher percentage of hit points have been expended. The overall result should be somewhat more durable engines and longer and more dangerous dogfights. Fewer aircraft (including your own) should suffer from an immediate loss in engine performance after only a very short, early burst into the front of the plane. On the other hand, once you notice your engine is no longer running smoothly, take it as a good sign that you may be about to turn into a blazing fireball!



Other changes from the stock damage model include: stronger wing roots with somewhat weaker wing tips, resulting in aircraft wings that suffer from fewer catastrophic failures but that are more difficult to control when severely damaged, i.e. you may be able to still fly, but landing becomes a much bigger challenge; slightly decreased chances of crippling aileron control cable hits; slightly reduced hit points, on average, for ailerons and rudders; and increased hit points, on average, for horizontal and vertical stabilizers. Pilot and observer hit points have also been adjusted to make both you and your AI opponent more vulnerable to becoming wounded--perhaps fatally! However, in contrast to previous versions of my damage model, hit points for oil and coolant reservoirs have been increased back to, or close to, stock levels. Numerous other tweaks are designed to take into account time period of service, overall aircraft reputation for durability or weakness, notable structural problems in various aircraft (weaker lower wings in Albs, for example), and overall game balance.



Finally, I would again like to express my thanks and appreciation to OBD Software for their help and encouragement in the making of this damage mod. Of course, with the exception of the tweaks contained in this damage model, all work remains the sole work and property of OBD software. If you have any questions or experience any problems with the installation of this mod, you can reach me at www.combatace.com in the Over Flanders Field forum. Thank you and I hope you enjoy the mod!




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