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Guest British_eh

SIA - Realistic Survival Settings ( RSS)

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Guest British_eh

Preamble to Realistic Survival Settings (RSS) as per OBD OFF HITR


We have attempted to provide settings for flying OFF HITR that will closely mimic what realistically can be replicated in this exceptional flying simulation. It is meant as an alternate to DiD, which is a measured parameter by which to fly,albeit, quite challenging. All the RSS have been researched using historical,reported, and experts opinions, to reach a standard by which you may consider flying to. It is not perfect by any means, but it is we believe, as close to the real thing as the PC, and Simulation will allow. It is dynamic,and will change as new information and ideas are brought forward.


The majority of settings proposed by RSS are very similar to DiD. Some exceptions are of course “Normal – Die Roll on Death” which we feel will better emulate the slow speedground loop you may have on landing, which in most cases you would walk away from uninjured. Another example is weather. Especially in Winter, missions were sporadic at best.


Regarding Bullet% Loadout the OBD OFF Dev Team has provided historical maximum loadouts and we take it a step further to fit the realism of trying to change a Lewis Drum whilst flying, weight of the ammunition, and the actual size and loadoutcapacity of belt fed bullets, into consideration.


There are three catagories noted here for the OFF HITR Workshop Settings:


Realistic: As noted (Red on WS Settings board)


Recommended: We recommend that this should be your selection (Yellow on WS Settings Board)


User Choice: Just that (Green on WS Settings board)


We have also listed requirements and made recommendations similar to the DiD settings,regarding other parameters for the sim which are located in the RSS – OFFWorkshop Settings


Credit to the OBD OFF Dev Team, Bletchley, and enthusiasts such Dej, RAF_Louvert, Creaghorn, Bulletheadand, Siggi, who make OFF the best WWI flight sim!


We do have a collection of the resources we accessed to derive these OFF Workshop Settings. If you would like to comment, or add your expertise, please send me a PM.








British_eh, Bletchley

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