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Ok, new discovery plus cockpit view mod!

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When Lock On first came out many people complained that the pilots seating position and view was far too low, and that the centre of the HUD should be in the centre of the screen, and that in Lock On you were sitting IN the aircraft, but in the actual F-15C Eagle, you sit ON top of it under a canopy, not sitting deep in it; and this was causing some serious visibility problems such as completely losing sight of the runway surface during ILS approach, the HUD horizon marker did not level with the horizon during low level flight, and this made it hard to judge hight during fast terrain following flights, and the view was much more restricted than the real aircraft view.


I found what is causing this problem and how to fix it; it is a setting in the “cockpit.lua” file. This file is in the folder …\UBISoft\Eagle Dynamics\Lock On\Config\View


Open it in notepad (back it up first!!) and change the following line from;


CockpitVAngleOrigin = -9.5




CockpitVAngleOrigin = 0.0


Now save it and start Lock On up and you will find that you sit at the correct height and have a much better and more natural level view of proceedings and you are sitting closer to the top of the canopy.  I suspect this lowered view was put in to help show more of the instruments in F1 view, but it was a bad idea; the proper neutral vertical view angle works much better.


Standard Lock On view before at 100 degrees zoom out (focus on bottom of the HUD = poor view)



Proper Lock On view after mod at 100 degrees zoom out (focus on HUD centre = excellent view)



Standard Lock On view before at 5 degrees zoom in (focus is on the bottom of the HUD)



Proper Lock On view after mod at 5 degrees zoom in (focus is on the HUD centre horizon line)



BTW, TrackIR seems to work more smoothly with this new neutral viewpoint as well! :D

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