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Hi guys, 3 questions, first, is this what I should see in the F-14 when an AA weapon is selected ? or perhaps sg. is missing due to the fact that I'm playing WOE 1 ? second question, well, I don't want to post this as a request, so please, don't take it as one :-))))))))) I know You guys have loads of projects on Your minds, so...just asking .-)))) Anyone thought of doing the IAR 95 ( perhaps 99 ) or for that matter any type ? :-)))








does anyone recognize this plane ? is it IAR at all ? :-))))





thx a lot !!! have a nice weekend :-)

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Sorry, wanted to edit, but don't know how to do it...I forgot to ask my last (4th) :-D question : How do You set the values for fog in Le Missioneur ?? I used to know that, but forgot and now I can't find anything. Dl-ed the tutorial, but it doesn't mention it...thx :-)))

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