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if anyone wants to work with us on SPYDER sams please tell us,anykind of help is appreciated,like radar data etc,launchers r done radars and missiles r left so.......


please reply if u want to join.

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SPYDER ADS-SR Short Range Air Defense System


SPYDER is a quick reaction, low level surface-to-air missile system designed to effectively counter attacks by aircraft,

helicopters UAVs and precision guided munitions. The system provides excellent protection of valuable assets,

as well as first-class defense for forces located in the combat area.

The SPYDER system incorporates RAFAEL's most advanced, proven performance air-to-air missiles – the Derby

active radar (RF) missile and Python 5, a dual waveband Imaging Infra Red (IIR) missile.

SPYDER missiles have full commonality with the air-to-air missile version.

SPYDER's truck-mounted Missile Firing Units (MFU) are equipped with both IIR and RF missiles.

The MFU carries any combination (IIR/RF) of four missiles on a rotatable launcher assembly. The system's high mobility allows quick deployment and operational agility.

The SPYDER System has 360° engagement capability during day or night and under all weather conditions.

The SPYDER System can engage multi threats simultaneously. It has Lock-On-Before Launch (LOBL) and Lock-On-After

Launch (LOAL) modes of operation. The intercept envelope of the SPYDER system spans from less than 1km to 15 km, against targets flying at altitudes between 20 m and 9,000 m.

SPYDER's highly modular structure allows simple adaptations to customers’ platforms and future growth.

A standard SPYDER missile battery has up to six missile firing units per battery and a command and control unit.

The truck-mounted Command and Control Unit (CCU) comprises the Elta EL/M 2106 ATAR 3D surveillance radar.

The surveillance radar has advanced ECCM capabilities and can simultaneously track multi-targets. Wireless data link

communication enables deployment of the MFUs at a distance from the CCU. The CCU is also capable of operating with

neighbouring SPYDER air defence batteries and share information with higher echelons. This interoperability capability provides

the SPYDER air defense system with high flexibility in combat situations. SPYDER was developed in cooperation with IAI. System's Main Features

  • Full commonality with RAFAEL's air/air missile
  • Effective against low altitude air threats
  • Short and medium range performance
  • Fire and forget or fire and update capability
  • Multiple target and cluster target engagements
  • Mobility in difficult terrain


Maximum kill zone range


Minimum kill zone range


Maximum kill altitude


Minimum kill altitude


Derby Missile





Wing span


Launch weight




Python 5 Missile





Wing span


Launch weight






Tatra T810-1ROR26 6x6 2007











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