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F-15A Wing "The Owls" Recruiting

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Let me start by introducing the current members of the Squadron. Myself Christian "Echo" Olsson, 27 Years old and live in Sweden. My brother who also is my wingman, Johan "Suncat" Olsson, 19 Years old. We have played WoE. WoV, WoI a couple of years now and are looking into the options of creating a Virtual Squadron."The Owls" name just popped into my head so don`t be suprised if the name changes or something, when the Wing is full we can put our heads

together and think up a suitible name.


The Goal is from training aspects as I feel I have much to give and also have much to learn, every pilot fly with their own style so exchanging ideas, maneuvers, Coop-missions, Dogfights and just plain fun.

Another of my "projects", as for now its just an idea, is to create or launch an intrest of an Tournament, would be alot of fun with an Europe-wide tournament under civilised curcumstances. With Himachi it wouldn`t be alot of problem doing it so?,,,


Currently Aircraft by choice is the F-15A, F-15-A Baz (WoI). Of course it would be more fun to download and install custom aircraft but with the consideration that we maybe some day would meet an other Wing that we use original Aircraft from the game. To Avoid trouble with some maneuvers and with the training aspects.


Feel free to leave a comment or if you want to join PM me and i will keep in touch.

Fly Safe!

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