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Mirage 2000 stick for HOTAS cougar

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Hi all,


I come from a french sim community named Check-six.


Recently, a team named Tarmac Aces created replicas for WWII fighter sticks and Mirage III stick.

Now, they plan to do a replica for the Mirage 2000-5F stick.

It will be very detailed.


They are looking for potential customers because the investement for the casting model is huge.

If you want to know more or tell your interest into this project, please go on this topic :




PS : I have no link with Tarmac Aces. I just try to help them being known widely for their quality products.

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That looks like a worthwhile investment for anyone looking for new hardware. Thanks for the heads up Buzzz. Tell everyone at Check Six I said hi, they've been good to me with my Lock On mods for many years. That's an awesome community.

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Here are more detailed information on you'll have to do if you buy the stick :


Tarmac Aces will make a nearly empty pilot grip .

The switches , metal trigger , security lock , and all the things wich have to be assembled with axis and springs will be pre-assembled .


You will have to take a Cougar grip , open it , remove carefully all the hats and the electronic card without unsolder them , to have all the wires and switches and hats in hand .

Then , you'll have to unsolder the switches (and only the switches ! ) , assemble all the wiring and hats of the Cougar into the Mirage 2000 pilot grip , solder the Mirage 2000 pilot grip switches to the free wires .

Then , you'll have to remove the big fastening ring of the Cougar , and assemble it in the bottom of the Mirage 2000 pilot grip .

You'll then have to replace the F16 hat heads by the Mirage 2000 hat heads yourself . The hat heads will be with your pilot grip , of courseThat's all ! You'll have a Cougar electronic in a Mirage 2000 pilot grip.

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I just thought I'd share my pleasure with you.

I have finally received my new stick.




That's awesome! How much does it cost?

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