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Hello ladies and gents,


my browser can testify that I searched hard but I eventually found no firm answer so, as far as you point me to the exact answer, you can clown as hard as it please if it already exist.

In the data.ini, in the [AircraftData] section, does the ReferenceLength of an aircraft have to be with the pitot tube's length, for when it's on the nose of course, included?


Another way to ask it would be to know what exactly is the ReferenceLength for?


Thanks for your attention and your invaluable input.


Best regards.

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I don't know if it's for anything really.


I know that ReferenceSpan is used for parking assignments.



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For whom who don't visit TW Forums, here's the answer provided by TK:



Well' date=' in general, reference geometry should be the same geomtery used to calculate the flight data - ie, they're the geometric paramters used to normalize the coefficients.


As for Reference Length specifically, when published figures (some aircraft have flight model published, and they'll have corresponding reference geometry) are available, we used those, and when we're measuring them, we generally use length without the nose pitot tube.




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