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What virtual squadron I could fly ?

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I'll soon join the Virtual Squadrons in a couple of years but What should I join later in a couple of years ?


Here is what I'm capable of doing :


- I'm more into Fighter aircraft

- I do have some of my own manuevers (ex I have made my first manuever, The Staller circle, which I go in many circles in till the enemy run out of ammo,low on fuel, or tired of going through my manuever, or I break off due to low speed or low on fuel )

- I'm more on English speaking squads.

- I'm more of a Il-2 sturmovik 1946 person.

- I'm more with Aircraft such as the Bf 109,Fw190, Spitfire,and other aircraft that I'm capable of.


Or If I don't like what I'm seening, I'll make my own.


Give me your offers for me and I'll be ready in 3-4 years to join a virtual squadron.

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