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nForce4 / Athlon 64 4000+ and FX-55

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NVidia today released their new chipset, nForce4! Combining all the performance of the nForce3 boards, and adding many new features, the nForce4 chipset seems to be the best set for anyone looking for an upgrade! New features are many, starting with PCI Express support; ActiveArmor, a highly configurable hardware firewall that uses hardly any CPU cycles; new RAID controllers; the long awaited NVidia SLI technology; and last but not least, nTune, a built in overclocking feature. Read up for yourself:




Hardware Analysis







The Mod Fathers



And once you're through reading all of those, you can check out the new Athlon64 4000+ and Athlon FX-53. Upping the the cache to 1 Gb while keeping the clock speed the same, the 4000+ is essentually an FX-53, the only difference being an unlocked multiplier on the FX-53. The FX-55 uses strained silicon to bring the clock up to 2.6, making it the king of processors, no contest. Read up on all the new tech!


AMD Review




Planet 3DNow

Sharky Extreme




Techware Labs



And, amidst all this new technology, VIA also launched their new chipset, the K8T890, although it is not as highly anticipated as the nForce4 chipset. It also brings PCIE support to socket 939.

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