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Readme File 1/16/2013


HPW Ultimate Damage Model for OFF BHaH HITR Full Campaign and QC Battles



by Herr Prop Wasche


Zip file contents:


HPW UltimateDM\aircraft folder with 477 individual aircraft folders, .xdp files and .bdp files

This readme.txt


INSTALLATION: Important! This version of the damage mod is intended to be used only along with Jonesoft's Generic Mod Enabler and should not be installed UNLESS JSGME has already been installed into your OBDSoftware folder. With JSGME, installation and use of this, or any mod, is very easy. Simply extract the contents of the zip file into the MODS folder which is created when you install JSGME into OFF. The mod is correctly installed if you see this readme.txt and the following folder structure inside the MODS folder: HPW UltimateDM\aircraft\Alb_DIII_AC1, AC2, etc. To load the mod, simply run JSGME, highlight the mod you wish to use, click on the top button, and then start your game. That's it!


An even simpler method is to simply click on the HPW UltimateDM.exe self-installer program created by Lothar. This program will automatically check your OFF and JSGME installation and install the mod into the correct folder. No muss, no fuss! Thanks, Lothar!




--Decreased wing-tip hit point values for the Fokker EIII.

--Slightly decreased engine hit point values for the Alb DIII early.

--Decreased engine hit point values for the

Hannover CIIIa.

--Slightly increased engine hit points for the Alb DVa 200.




--Engine threshold values adjusted again to reduce chance of engine fires and the "forever flying flamers" bug. You should see less fires than in version 1.25 but more than you get using Buddy1998's damage model.


--Engine hit points reduced somewhat on two-seaters and "pusher" types (DH-2 and Fee's) for better game balance.


--File structure revised in order to comply with Lothar of the Hill Peoples Offbase program and proper placement of JSGME inside the OBDSoftware game folder.


--Added HPW UltimateDM.exe self-installer program created by Lothar.




--Engine hit points adjusted for all aircraft for a better balance between scouts and two-seaters. Most scout engines have a few more hit points, while most two-seater engines have slightly fewer.


--Engine threshold values adjusted for all aircraft. Camel and Dr1 slightly less likely to catch fire, Albatros series more likely to catch fire than in version 1.1. ALL aircraft WILL catch fire eventually if hit hard enough. Fx_airexplosion and fx_enginefire moved from center fuel tank to engine, resulting in more realistic engine fires and explosions.


--Fuel tank hit points for most aircraft raised slightly.


--Fuel leaks adjusted so some aircraft--especially Albatros series--do not spring major fuel leaks as quickly as before. Small fuel leaks slightly more likely, however.


--Minor adjustments to hit points for wings and wing tips on almost all aircraft. Wings on most two-seaters are somewhat weaker (exception: Roland's wings approximately 10% stronger). Wings and wing tips for Fokker Dr1 and Se5a's somewhat stronger.


--Minor adjustments to ailerons, elevators, and horizontal stabilizers on some aircraft.


--"Break" level for pilot and observer reduced from 100% to 75% to see if this results in greater chance of pilot injury or death.


--More thorough testing of all aircraft to insure better game balance.




--Hit probabilities for aileron, elevator, and rudder cables reduced substantially so that hits to cables should be much less frequent than before. Hit points for all cables also increased slightly.


--Hit probabilities to pilot and center fuel tank adjusted slightly.


--Hit points for ailerons increased by approximately 150% and threshold values adjusted.


--Minor increase in wing tip strength.


--Hit probability to landing gear reduced by 50%.


--Minor adjustments to threshold values for engine, oil reservoir, and center fuel tank.


--For DH5 only, chance of fire and explosion to auxillary fuel tank removed and replaced with fuel leaks.


--For Spad VII and Spad XIII only, increased wing hit points by approximately 5% to reflect sturdy reputation of Spad series.



Initial release 1.0


Thank you for downloading HPW's Ultimate DM, a totally new version of the damage model for Hat in the Ring, the official extension to Between Heaven and Hell, the WWI flight sim modification of CFS3 by OBD Software. In addition to the advances featured in my previous damage model modifications, this entirely new damage model brings additional realism to the stock damage model by significantly increasing the hit points of most aircraft components, but particularly the engine, wings, and tail assemblies, of virtually every aircraft currently available in HITR. As a result of these changes, air combat has now become longer, more intense, and more unpredictable than ever!


Due to a suggestion by Creaghorn (thank you, Creaghorn), hit points for some components in the Ultimate DM have been increased by more than 500 percent in some cases! On the other hand, special effect "triggers," such as fuel leaks, oil leaks, fires, explosions, and "break" commands or failure levels for all components have also been reduced by a proportionate amount so the total failure of a particular aircraft component occurs just as frequently as it did in the stock and previous damage model mods. This helps to avoid the dreaded "flying tank" situation that some of the developers have sometimes mentioned in referring to previous test versions of the stock DM. The overall goal of this new DM, therefore, is to make dogfighting both more challenging for the experienced OFF gamer, but also enjoyable for the more casual, or less experienced, flight simulation fan.


To give you an idea of what I am trying to accomplish with this mod, hit points for most aircraft engines in the stock game average around 110 points. Therefore, under the stock DM, an engine that receives only 11 points of damage loses 10% of its power--and an engine that receives 55 points of damage loses 50% of its power! As a result, aircraft with only minor engine damage become unable to maneuver and frequently slam into the ground due to the lack of engine power. By substantially increasing the engine hit points, but also reducing the failure point by a proportionate amount, I have been able to recreate a situation where the engine still functions at close to full power, virtually up to the moment when it catches fire or fails completely! As a result, enemy aircraft will continue to turn, climb, dive, and remain able to fight you, up to almost the last minute. All aircraft (including your own) should no longer suffer from an immediate (and often quite noticeable) loss in engine performance after only a very short burst into the front of the plane. The same principle applies to the wings of all aircraft. No longer will you or your opponent experience an immediate and major loss of maneuverability after having your wing or aileron get hit by just a couple of bullets.


As mentioned above, other improvements to the damage model from my previous damage model mods have also been incorporated into this new version. For example, time period of service, overall aircraft reputation for durability or weakness, notable structural problems in various aircraft (weaker lower wings in Albs, for example), and overall game balance have also been considered in the development of this damage model.


Again, I would like to express my sincere thanks and appreciation to OBD Software for their help and encouragement in the making of this and previous versions of the damage mod. I would also like especially to thank Creaghorn and Hellshade for their comments, suggestions, and help in the development and testing of this mod. I would not have been able to complete it without all of their valuable help and encouragement! Thanks also goes out to all of the members of the Over Flanders' Fields forum to which this mod is dedicated. With the exception of the tweaks contained in this damage model, all work remains the sole work and property of OBD software. If you have any questions or experience any problems with the installation of this mod, you can reach me at www.combatace.com at the Over Flanders Field forum. Thank you and I hope you enjoy the mod. Happy flying!




Edited by Herr Prop-Wasche

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