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Readme File 04/07/2011


HPW_AlliedFM_Pack1.0 for OFF BHaH HITR Full Campaign and QC Battles




by Herr Prop Wasche


Zip file contents:


HPW_AlliedFM_Pack1.0\aircraft folder with aircraft.cfg and .air files for Re8, Sopwith Pup, and Sopwith Triplane.

readme.txt file


INSTALLATION: Important! This flight model mod is intended ONLY to be used along with Jonesoft's Generic Mod Enabler and should not be installed UNLESS JSGME has already been installed into your CFSWW1 Over Flanders Fields game folder. With JSGME, installation and use of this, or any mod, is very easy. Simply extract the contents of the zip file into the MODS folder which is created when you install JSGME into OFF. The mod is correctly installed if you see this readme.txt and the following folder structure inside the MODS folder: HPW_AlliedFM_Pack1.0\aircraft\Re_QC1, etc. To load the mod, simply run JSGME, highlight HPW_AlliedFMPack_1.0, click on the top button, and then start your game. That's it!


Initial release 1.0


Thank you for downloading HPW's Allied FM Pack 1.0, the revised flight model for selected Allied scouts used in Hat in the Ring, the official extension to Between Heaven and Hell, the WWI flight sim modification of CFS3 by OBD Software. This revised interpretation of the flight model, at this point, is for the Re8, Sopwith Pup, and Sopwith Triplane ONLY (additional aircraft may be added insubsequent FM packs). The most significant changes to the FM of these planes involve changes to the top speed, ceiling, and dive speed in order to more closely comply with my understanding of the historical performance of these planes in WWI combat. Please refer to the following chart for a summary of these changes.


AircraftSpeed @ 10,000 ft.* Speed @ 3281 ft. Speed @ 500 ft. Ceiling Max Dive Speed **Pup103.75 (5.75)98.25 (-6.25)94.50 (-12.50)19,000 ft. 216 (-36.0)Triplane 101.50 (-11.50)108.75 (-9.25)111.75 (-10.25)18,500226 (-50.0)Re898.75 (-5.00)99.00*** (-12.50)94.75 (-12.75)16,000216 (-8.0)


Note: Numbers in parentheses indicate speeds compared to measured OFF speed readings, with a positive number indicating a faster speed using the new FM and a negative number indicating a slower speed using the new FM. Differences of less than two mph are not noted.


* in mph

** From 10,000 feet

*** 102.0 mph @ 6500 ft.


The most noticeable differences are the decreases in speed for all of these aircraft. For instance, the Re8 was reported to have had a top speed of 102 mph at 6500 ft. However, in the unmodified game, its top speed was measured to be 111.5 mph at 3281 ft. Therefore, I reduced its speed to more accurately reflect its historical performance. Similarly, the Sopwith Triplane was reported to have had a top speed of 112 mph, but in the game, its top speed was measured to be 122.5 mph. The other major change in the FM of these planes was to reduce the maximum dive speed to more historical levels. Again, in the unmodified game, the Sopwith Triplane has the highest dive speed in the game at more than 275 mph! With the new FM, the Tripe now has a dive speed that, in my view, corresponds more closely to the historical record. Please note that in most other respects, such as ceiling, climb, and turning radius, these planes perform just as well, and in some cases even better, than they do under the stock game. If you are a German pilot, you are still likely to get shot down if you try to engage either the Pup or the Tripe in a turning dogfight.


Another change to the FM I made in the case of the Sopwith Pup involved the same adjustments to the center of gravity and center of lift settings I made on the Albatros series and the Pfalz in the German FM pack in order to try and reduce the dreaded "hanging stall" or tail-first slide into the dirt that the AI tends to do on occasion. However, the problem is much less severe with the Pup, so my changes here were comparatively minor. As additional planes that have this problem are identified, I will issue further FM mods to try and deal with this problem. Of course, no mod is perfect, and I cannot claim that I have completely solved this problem. Still, I think the flying behavior of the Pup, Albatros, and Pfalz has been significantly improved with these FM mods.


Again, I would like to express my sincere thanks and appreciation to OBD Software for their help in the making of this revised version of the flight model. As always, with the exception of the tweaks contained in this mod, all work on the original flight model remains the sole work and property of OBD software. Finally, I would also like to especially thank the following OFF fanatics who helped me in the research, development, and testing of this mod: Creaghorn, Hellshade, Olham, RAF_Louvert, Bletchley, Lewie, and anyone else whose name I have accidently forgotten. Thanks, guys! If you have any questions or experience any problems with the installation of this mod, you can reach me at www.combatace.com, then look for the Over Flanders Field forum. Thank you and I hope you enjoy the mod. Happy flying! HPW




Edited by Herr Prop-Wasche

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