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Albatros C.III 766/16 Bohme/Lademacher

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Albatros C.III 766/16 Bohme/Lademacher

The Bohme/Lademacher Dragodiles The markings, logos, and numerals are those that appeared on the Alb C.III flown by Lt. Erwin Bohme and his observer Fritz Lademacher. The evidence available (three photos and the text of a letter from Bohme to his girlfriend) strongly indicate that the Dragodiles were white.


When I started this project I thought that the beasts might have been a light green or yellow-green.

It took some time to get it, but after I read the Bohme letter describing the images as “”ghosts” I decided they really were white.


That is why the default is the ghostly white.


I still included the less authentic, but more colorful greenies.


If you prefer the more colorful version, simply delete (or rename) the Decals file, and then copy and rename the"Decals Green Dragodiles" to "Decals".

Both decal sets are in the folder and should be left there. The green and yellow/green beasts should now appear. If you want to switch back, reverse the process. (That's why you didn't dump the original file!)


The Wood and Linen Alternative

This skin set uses the original decals provided by Stephen1918 that generate a varied set of markings derived from original German units and numerals.

None of the part numbers on the struts, elevators, wings, etc. are adjusted. Please back up your original “Wood and Linen files before using these as they will overwrite the originals. The logo on the prop is the earliest version of the Axial logo. Loading, Loadout and Hangar Screens. The loading and hangar screens are in the main file set along with the skins.


The loadout screen is in the Menu folder, and will replace the stock loadout screen for all aircraft. If you prefer the original, just delete it. Thanks to Stephen 1918 for a great model!


All files are set up for use in FE2.

If you need help getting this package to run in FE1, let me know.




September 10, 2011


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