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love the mods....and...

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Anybody else here felt that as lovely and considerate a change as the mods we've been given are....too many to list and god knows how much work went into them....the out of the box HITR is pretty stunning as is and delivers practically all one could wish. Take HPW's enduring work on damage models alone.....he's still in there swinging, improving and finessing........and I love trying them on.....years of effort,,,,,,and expand that ethos exponentially to the entirety of OFF P4....which despite considerable moral pressure, keeps it's course.......... and doesn't it make you wonder what's in store despite the pix teases? I keep going back to the basic install and finding center there........dumb, but predictable I guess.....too much rum probably......kill me now! In any event....this is a thank you to all you mod/skinners/mission makers for making the wait entertaining. Bless you all....

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