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NKAF MiG-23ML Flogger-G Released

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Get it here at BioHaz :







North Korean Peoples Air Force MiG-23ML Flogger-G ( Rebuilt MiG-23MF ) Version v0.92c






1. Drop the folder called "MiG-23ML(NK)"into your "Aircraft" directory.

[ C:\Program Files\Strategy First\Strike Fighters\Objects\Aircraft ]

Those that have SFP1 Gold or Valuesoft Editions, replace the \Strategy First\ with the correct folder


2. You should have the following already installed :

( Serice Pack #3 may be downloaded at http://www.biohazcentral.com and other places as well )


A. SFP1 Service Pack #1

b. SFP1 Service Pack #2

c. SFP1 Service Pack #3

d. The most current SFP1 Weapons Pack ( Available from : http://www.max-gs.com/adave/weaponsdev/ )


NOTE: If you have not already done so, you should have the following website bookmarked. It will

make your Strike Fighters Experience much more rewarding :






A. This model represents The MiG-23ML Flogger-G ( Rebuilt MF ) version as operated to the North Koreans. Many of the NKAF's MiG-23MLs

were rebuilt from their existing MiG-23MF/MS with Soviet/Russian assistance. This is the version here. North Korea

operated only a handful of MiG-23MF & MiG-23MS until Mikhail Gorbachov, in the last days of the Soviet Union, gave them

access to more advanced weaponry. North Korea is believed to have in excess of 48+ MiG-23MLs. Half of them are rebuilds with the

larger dorsal fin shown here.


B. The MiG-23ML uses the Sapfir-23ML "High Lark 2" radar and the Soyuz/Khachaturov R-35F-300 engine. This gives the North

Koreans a more potent aircraft as opposed to earlier Floggers. NKAF Flogger-Gs are equipped to carry Chinese air to air

missiles as well as the more modern AA-11s. As far as in known ( and they are a secretive lot ), NKAF Floggers are

organized into three squadrons of the 60th Air Regiment, 1st Air Combat Division. This Division also includes the NKAF's

small force of MiG-29s.


C. NKAF aircraft until recently used either silver or white/light grey skins. They appear to be rediscovering the art of

camoflage as evidenced by a rather bad photo of one of their MiG-29s. Note that due to their secretive nature, unclassified

photos of NKAF aircraft are few and far between, and always of poor quality. The aircraft numbers here are a "Best Guess".

NKAF appears to use two digit numbering when they only have enough of an aircraft type to form a single squadron. When they

have more, they use three or four digit numbering. Note: The loading screen photo is of earlier NKAF MiG-23MS Flogger-E fighters,

The clearest photo I could find.


D. 1st Sqdn 60th Air Regiment skin by Ghostrider883, based on a Marcelo ( MarcFighters ) skin. Additional NKAF skins are being prepared

by Phamtuan & will continue the numbering system presented in Ghost's 1st Sqdn 60th Air Regiment skin.


E. Flogger Hangar Screen is by The Wrench ( THX Kevin )


F. Note that this aircraft includes a First Generation WP Chaff/Flare Dispenser. This entry in the data.ini will not work until

Strike Fighters Service Pack 3 is installed. Thanks to Gramps for providing a F-18 SP3 compliant data.ini to study.




NOTES On Using Sapfir-23ML RADAR:


1. For the Sapfir-23ML radar, I went back to the best example to date in SFP1 of a Soviet Radar, Eruyi's Taifun radar for Boopidoo's SU-15F.

This one will operate slightly differently from what you've been accustomed to. Hopefully Eruyi's work will lend itself to presenting a

more "Soviet Feel" to this aircraft and thus to your enjoyment. I've adjusted the Search & Tracking ranges of the Sapfir-23ML to mesh with

Eruyi's display data. However, for those who wish a more *normal* radar, I've included an "alt_MiG-23ML_AVIONICS.ini as well. Just move

the MiG-23ML_AVIONICS.ini to another folder, and then remove the " alt_ " from the alt_MiG-23ML_AVIONICS.ini name.


2. For those interested in contemporary stablemates of the MiG-23, I highly recommend Boopidoo's Su-15A & SU-15F Flagons. These were the first

non-stock Soviet/WP aircraft released for SFP1, and are still some of the best. Available from several sources, including MajorLee's.




NOTE1 : Some people report having CTD problems with earlier Flogger variants. While everyone's systems are different,

some of the problems appear to be sound related. If you have CTD problems with this bird, try adjusting the in-

game sound settings. Or try " Start >> Run >> dxdiag ", and then adjusting the 3D sound acceleration setting under

the Sound Tab. ( Depending on which version of Windows you have, there can be up three separate Sound Tabs in DXDiag.

Check to make sure the 3D Sound setting is the same in all three. You may also try moving the MiG-23M_shadow.SHD file

to another folder & see if that improves performance. Check the Forums at SimHQ for the latest on troubleshooting.


NOTE2 : This tweek also works on some systems ( CPU: 1GHz or better, GPU : 64 MB or better, RAM : 512 MB or more )


1. Use the SFP1E .cat file extractor to extract your Flightdata config.ini from the Flightdata.cat file located in your Flight folder.


2. Make this change in the flightdata config.ini :

















Special Thanks Goes To :


1. The Flogger development Team:


Model: Rafael

SU-17 Cockpit: Armourdave, Sal

Skins: Marcello ( MarcFighters ), Ghostrider883, Gramps, Phamtuan

Flight Model: column5

Pilot: Pasko

Testing, etc: USAFMTL, Crab_02, Sony Tuckson


2. Ghostrider883 & Phantuan for skins & techical advice


3. Armourdave & Sal for allowing use of the modified SU-17 cockpit.


4. Tomcat74 for his Setka3 gunsight recticle.


5. Eruyi for his original MIG21RADAR.tga & Radar Display Data.


6. The MiG Works Team at SimHQ for guidance, expertise, inspiration,

and support : MiGeg, Gramps, Madcaddie, Ghostrider, Tomcat74, Grach,

Pasko, and C-5


7. Technical references :


"Jane's All The World's Aircraft 1993-1994"

"Jane's Aircraft Upgrades 2002-2003"

"Jane's Radar And Electronic Warfare Systems 2000-2001"



Thank you wonderful guys, one and all !!!








Original MiG-23M Readme




MiG-23M Flogger-B

Version 0.90b

22 AUG 2004







Model: Rafael

Cockpit: Armourdave, Sal

Skins: Macello

Flight Model: column5

Pilot: Pasko

Testing, etc: USAFMTL, Crab_02, Sony Tuckson







This model is very close to being complete, but some minor details remaining to be fixed.

Rather than delay release further, it is being released as a beta with version 0.90.

Post any feedback in the SimHQ Strike Fighters forum.


About the cockpit: Armourdave was kind enough to allow us to use his Su-17 cockpit,

which is like the MiG-23 cockpit in many respects. One aspect that is different concerns the radar.

The MiG-23 has a unique radar display which projects onto the HUD. Until the Flogger team has time to model this properly,

it is suggested that you enable the radar screen in the upper right corner of your display.

This is on by default, but if you have turned it off you will need to edit HUDdata.ini and turn it back on, or you will have no radar display.







Simply copy the MiG-23M folder to your \OBJECTS\AIRCRAFT folder.

Then copy the files in the Pilot folder to \OBJECTS\AIRCRAFT and you are ready to fly.

If you have already installed Pasko's Sukhoi interceptors, you already have the pilot installed.


You should also have the latest weapons pack installed for the AA-7 missiles.



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