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Su-25TM Frogboot Venezuelan Army-Navy "Fictional"

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Su-25TM Frogboot Venezuelan Army-Navy "Fictional"

Hi-Res skins for Su-25TM Frogboot all-weather Close support aircraft.

Developed: Sukhoi OKB, Russia, Painted by me: Cmte. Jah



Hi..thanks for downloading my homemade conversion to create the Su-25TM in the colors of the Venezuelan Army/Navy. Serial numbers for

all 20 jets are included.


In side:









*Added builting laser designator

*Added fuel tanks




*Change armoor,ALUMINUM -Steel, resulting in superior survivability and combat capability.





-New pilot bitmap

-Additional decals

-decals Photoshop files (.PSD)

-added the name of units to squadron name




e094674a9d1d5afa5810fb9a53334df3 +Su-25TM.rar


This is a upgrade version of the Su-39 Super Grach(by YEYEYE and 101tfs). It uses decals rather than painting directly on the skins itself therefore you get variable codes for different jets.


Sorry for delay time but, other Designer projects will keep me busy.



* I hope you ;like this art work,any comments,to jahm_jah@yahoo.com *

* with my best regards... *

* Jose Alberto Hernandez (aka Cmte. Jah) *

* Valle de la Pascua - Venezuela *



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