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ANG C-130H Skins

ANG C-130H Hercules Skins


Contained within this pack are skins for the following ANG units:


179th AW - Ohio ANG

133rd AW - Minnesota ANG

153rd AW - Wyoming ANG

130th AW - West Virginia ANG

143rd AW - Rhode Island ANG

166th AW - Delaware ANG

165th AW - Georgia ANG

182nd AW - Illinois ANG

136th AW - Texas ANG

176th WG - Alask ANG




1) Unzip and place the folders in your C-130H main folder


2) Add the texture sets to your C-130H.ini file


3) Fly away!


All of the artwork is to the best of my abilities. The Wyoming ANG tail band has a cowboy decal on the actual aircraft, but I was unable to design a suitable decal on the tail, so I left it off. Also, the Rhode Island tailwork is actually on a C-130J model, but I didn't find that out until after I designed the skin, so I included it anyways. Feel free to not install if you so choose.



Thanks to the following:


- TK and Thirdwire

- 'Dave'

- Original Model by Dels, additional work by bpao (RIP Oli)

- airliners.net, airfighters.com, and af.mil for skin references


If more credit is due, please speak up!


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