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questions for PT Boats dev team

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you write them we'll get them to answer them.They seem very open to it and have agreed to answer our questions.

I'll even get it started..

1) how accurate will the missions be and what types will be available?dynamic campain?

2) I see you have some truely great looking terrain and water..what will the system requirments be for this sim?

3) will you able to control crew?be able to add or replace them as needed?will there be crew lost to being wounded or killed in action?

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more questions..

4) how far along are you and do you have a time table to complete this sim?

5) will there be multiplayer included and what type of missions do you plan to include?

6) will there be a mission editor included?


Come on guys lets hear from you...

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7) will there be realistic weather and will it effect the boats?


8) will you able to control other boats and aircraft in game? I mean like the destroyers and different aircraft?


9)will the MP be through a game service or just direct play?


10) will boats be modd able?


11) will you able to drop depth charges and set torps for different depths?


12) will there be mines in the game?


13)when you talk about controlling your boat will you be able to control each engine or both as needed?


14)will there be radar and spotlights on the PTs?

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