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Hey guys,


I stopped downloading stuff years ago, becuase I was under the belief that I had everthing I wanted.


But, the CAT Builder, looks like its been up for about 4 years, and oddly I overlooked it, because it sounds NOT RIGHT, or illegal or something. :grin:


Anyway, I would like to ask, who is using this thing, and how are you using it.


I extracted every file from VietnamSEA.cat and GermanyCE.cat and then added all my custom terrain tiles to make one giant Terrain.cat.


Terrain.cat now sits in my Terrain directory ... :blink:


This way, each terrain folder (i.e. GermanyCE, VietnamSEA, IsraelMED, ... etc.), has only the terrain INI file in the folder.


Each ini file references the same cat file like this.



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