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Anti-shipping Missions and Collisions

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Getting back into this game, I remember something from some notes I recorded way back when.


I checked, and the following issue occurs on my system, and I was wondering if anyone else had reported the same.


When flying anti-shipping missions, if you have collisions set to anything but easy, their is a probabilty that you will collide at mission start with an enemy plane. It seems sometimes, the enemies are started right on top of your flight, and zooming by at great speed.


If you set collisions to easy, this phenom does not occur. The enemy planes deploy very close, and zoom by, but no collision, so game play continues. You just have to deal with the very close by enemy planes.


I have verified that this happens in every terrain. It only seems to effect the anti-shipping missions, so if you want to fly these without a start-up collision, you must set the collision option to EASY.

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