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1680 x 1050 Mainscreen modification for SF2 North Atlantic

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1680 x 1050 Mainscreen modification for SF2 North Atlantic

1680 x 1050 Mainscreen modification for SF2 North Atlantic


Main screen only for NA to add to my series of SF2 main screens as i like standardization :tongue:.

Currently working on some quick mod idea for the rest of the NA screens. Will see if there will be enough time and energy :smile:


The other SF2 mainscreens

- SF2 Generic : (although more Europe oriented) and its Photoshop template to possibly alter it to your taste, here : http://combatace.com...exp2b-dec-2010/

- SF2 Vietnam : http://combatace.com...or-sf2-vietnam/

- SF2 Europe : http://combatace.com...for-sf2-europe/

- SF2 Israel : http://combatace.com...for-sf2-israel/


You can consider also the Splash Screen replacement in graphics accordance with the template of the above Main Screens : http://combatace.com...2-splashscreen/


- Installation :

Extract the 'Menu' folder and place it in your mods folder (eg C:\Users\YOUR USER NAME\Saved Games\ThirdWire\StrikeFighters2NorthAtlantic\ (or if theres already a 'Menu' folder in your mods directory , place the 'Menu' contents in the 'Menu' folder of the mods directory)




Nick 'Squid' D.

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