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9 Carriers Pack

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A complete SF-2 pack upgrade kit SF-2NA ready




HMS Albion


HMS Bulwark

HMS Centaur

HMS Eagle

HMCS Magnificent

HMAS Melbourne

HMAS Sydney

HMS Victorious


Edited data.inis ready for carrier use:


- Attacker F.1

- Buccaneer S.2/C/D

- Scimitar F.1/60

- Sea Hornet 20/21/22

- Sea Hawk Mk. 1/2/3/4/5/6

- SeaVixen FAW 1/2

- Wyvern


- corsair AU-1/F4U-7






- Hinchinbrooke for original carriers

- Richard"Gramps" Kaminski for SF-1 Aussie campaign

- HMS Centaur repaint and upgrades by paulopanz



To Install:


- Put all in main mod folder.




- Aussie Linebaker II what if camp for A-4G (DLC or mod required)




- Use them with Daring class DD for escort in carrier groups



This could be an Hinch tribute, hoping he will be back and bring us even more flat tops!


Maybe useful for Your seaborne operations.



Happy carrier take off / landings!


@ paulopanz


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