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Mil Mi-8 Hip "Rana" Indian Air Force mod for SF2

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Mil Mi-8 Hip "Rana" Indian Air Force mod for SF2

Mil Mi-8 Hip "Rana" Indian Air Force mod for SF2

Mil Mi-8 Rana mod based on Marcfighter's Mi-8. Package contains full aircraft, Cockpit etc for any of the Strike Fighters 2 series titles( patched upto July 2012 patch).


Package contains skins and decals to represent six Indian Air force Mi-8 Squadrons. Actual Indian AF Mi-8 Serial number decals of Indian AF Mi-8s also included(selectable in the loadout screen).


Aircraft Textures are in jpeg format to represent following Indian Air Force Mi-8 squadrons( some of which have converted to Mi-17s).

107 Helicopter Unit "Desert Hawks"

109 Helicopter Unit "Knights"

110 Helicopter Unit "Vanguards"

119 Helicopter Unit "Stallions"

122 Helicopter Unit "Dolphins"

Generic Indian AF Grey


This mod is meant as an addon for the Indo-Pak mod but can be used in any of the SF2 titles.


Default Loadouts are set for using Rocket Pods. While flying it, do load Gunpods for Gun Runs.



Drop the contents of the file(Aircraft & Decals folders) in your X:\Users\YYYY\Saved Games\ThirdWire\StrikeFighters2XX folder and let it overwrite



Credits :

Marcfighter- for the excellent Mi-8 model, cockpit and for graciously granting permission to mod his Mi-8 into an IAF Mi-8 Rana.

Wrench, the ini master, for his support, encouragement and solving a few issues I was facing with the loadouts

ghostrider 883 - Skins(based on Marcfighters templates) & Decals.


Sandesh "ghostrider883" Kanchan

August 10,2012


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