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F-15A Dark Camouflage

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F-15A Dark Camouflage

F-15A Dark Camouflage v2.0


This is a darker colour "compass ghost" scheme for the Third Wire F-15A.


Its my attempt to give the stock eagle a later more modern feel about her.

Its is based on the stock TW skin at 1024 X 1024 resolution.

Apologies but I haven't yet acquired the skill or accuracy to attempt anything at a higher resolution yet.

Regardless I’m quite enjoying the new look.

Hoping some of you might enjoy it too. :-)







NB: This requires SF2 Europe though if renamed correctly should work in SF2 Israel for the F-15A Baz.

Unzip & place the objects folder directly in to your saved game / mods folder.





- Third Wire for the original F-15A artwork & WOI F-15A templates.

- Everyone at Combat Ace for their countless contributions & pool of knowledge.


P.S. I have included a list of supported stock F-15A squadrons.

If like me & you are not a hardcore aviation buff, you can use it to enjoy their different markings & associated tail art for the F-15A.


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Thanks for releasing this one.


Do you know what year this paint scheme introduced?

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I’m not sure when they stated using the darker camouflage over the lighter gray?


The camouflage pattern still follows the original, while I’ve tried to make the color tones close the what the last F-15A “AF 77-098” wore when she retired in 2009 & the richness of that beautiful F-15C we've seen in FC 3 screen shots of late.

While not 100% accurate to any particular air frame I’m sure, its still passes as feasible I hope.

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Camouflage pattern now follows the “compass ghost” scheme more accurately.

Includes three extra skins the same style.

- A std light grey

- A std light blue

- Dark disruptive grey to complement the original dark blue skin.


NB: This update will overwrite the previous version.

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