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Increasing gun jam realism?

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I have modded my copy of SF2: Vietnam using the excellent Air Ground Expansion: Gold. I noticed that the Mk 4 Mod 0 gun pods are not jamming as often as they used to.


Is there a way to make them jam like they did before?


Also, if anyone has some real-life info on the combat use of these pods, that'd be great. I'm finding very very little information on this gun pod (a.k.a. HIPEG) except that only the USMC used it in strafe attacks. I like using in air-to-air sometimes, but I feel like I'm cheating if the guns aren't jamming after long bursts or high-G. Whether using them in dogfights was even possible during the Vietnam War, I cannot say. I know that F-8 Crusader pilots got 4 kills with their jam-happy guns so maybe the USMC could've got some kills with their pods if they had more chances to dogfight.

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So after a bit of searching, I found some information on the HIPEG tests at China Lake.


Tested versus an SUU-16A USAF Vulcan pod and at speeds to 600 mph and G-loads from 0 - 6G, both guns were fired for 5 seconds each and proved satisfactory (pdf here from Hughes Tool Company, dated 1964: http://www.dtic.mil/cgi-bin/GetTRDoc?Location=U2&doc=GetTRDoc.pdf&AD=AD0601655)


The only reason I could imagine a jam from HIPEG use is overheating barrels as another source states here in Rocketeer Magazine from 1965 (http://chinalakealumni.org/Downloads/Rocketeer/1965/Rktr12.03.1965.pdf) that the 2 gun barrels had only a 10,000 round life each, as they were smooth bore barrels designed to be replaced quickly and easily.

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