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OT...Researching new build

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I've been "burned out" on run-and-gun, tactile engagements, dogfighting, cas; just plain fighting.


So I dusted off FSX, Some ORBX files, Tongass X, UT/AK_CAN, stripped out all of the unnecessary FSX base scenery files, edited some of the .bgl files for a better fit between areas and started flying "Return to Misty Moorings". This resulted in a nice 86gb package, less REX2 OD.


Despite all the tweaks, I knew there was only one way to "properly" fly this sim and my journey to the "dark side" neather regions has now begun.


Working on specs:


SuperMicro UP (various)

128gb DDR3-1600 CL-11 ECC Reg

Checking on various sound/video cards



WD 300gb Raptor, primary hdd

WD 2tb Blk C, drive images

Zalman 850watt ps

OS W7-64 Ult

Primo for drv.img's


Drive images would be apprx 115gb max for different FSX scenarios including REX2 OD. Other sims would be assembled together as packages. I'm even looking into including a page file as part of each image.


Ram drive through put read would be apprx 4000 to 6000 mb/s @ 4k level, depending on memory controller, with buffer levels around 2000 to 3800 mb/s; however, there are a lot of variables still to be thought out.


plug_nickel (name now seems appropriate since I have a hole in my head)

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Sounds like you have gone completely over to the dark side. We're alike...I have more fun tweaking my machine for sims than actually flying them. I'm sure you'll get it sorted.


I haven't played much with drive images or SSDs lately, and took a break from sims for the summer. I enjoy a bit of wrenching, and was spending so much time in the garage maintaining my old Goldwing that my wife recently announced that I needed to trade up. Whenever the Spousal Approval Light is on, you have to act fast, so I went out last week and bought a slightly used 2010 Goldwing (shown in my avatar).


That has freed up a lot of my fiddling around time, and now that it's getting cold enough to cut my riding time down, I'll get back into sims for a few months. Currently learning Black Shark..have had it for a while, but never committed to learning it. That should keep me busy until Spring or until WOFF comes out.


Thanks again for the Wings of Glory files. That put a nostalgic grin on my face for a month.


Best regards,

Bird Dog

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Hey Bird Dog!


After your Spousal Approval light went green, was there any rubber left on the Goldwing's rear tire as you tore out've the garage?


I've been doing a lot of tinkering to, just not in the garage. I'm now modding my Cougar Hotas with rc shocks and when it's done, I'm doing the same thing to my CH Yoke. Afterwards, I'll be adding ffb to the yoke. Not sure about the Cougar. It's awfully tight in there.


Good luck with Black Shark; it's a bitc* to fly well. If you're not already doing this and your throttle software supports it, reverse your throttle axis to use as a collective and maybe use a pot, if it has one, for power.


I used to think that it could never get to cold to ride a bike. Back in college, '69, I rode my chopper from Carrollton, Ga. to home in Waner Robbins during the ice storm. Now I don't even like to get the mail at the end of my driveway when it's cold!





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I rode yesterday for a few hours when it was 34 degrees and crosswind at 25. Typical Kansas winter day. Not bad when you have heated grips, heated seat, and exhaust heater blowing across your feet. Will ride all winter as long as the roads aren't slick and the deer aren't mating.


I have a CH FigheterStick, ProThrottle, and ProPedals, and had trouble controlling BS when it came out several years ago, so lost interest quickly. I've now changed the stick curves and sensitivity, so my inputs are more subtle, and I'm more careful with trimming. I finally realized that this is a single pilot machine with a high workload, and you need to use the various autopilots to your advantage. Much more fun now that I can control it.


Haven't modded my CH kit...ten years of hard use, and it's still like new.

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