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HAL HF-24 Marut Mk.1 (*)

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HAL HF-24 Marut Mk.1 (*)

India's first indigenous fighter, built by HAL and designed by Prof Kurt Tank of Focke-Wulf fame. The aircraft first flew in 1964 and was in service till the mid-80s (the last planes retired in 1990). Three Squadrons Nos 10, 31 and 220 Squadron operated the Maruts over time. A total of 112 Single Seaters and 18 Two seaters were produced.


6 new skins, working AA Rockets put in place, openable cockpit (Key=0) without pilot's head cutting, no more bumping in taxing, sounds, new SF-2 screens.


Marut is one of my favorite plane ever. This is an old model. I made my best to upgrade and dress. It'ld worth some 3D care.


Put the sounds and weapon folder content in your SF-2 mod folder.

(*)As this is not a complete plane You will need to ad lod files to D/L from A-TEAM site to put them in Aircraft/Marut folder

That’s all



Ghosthrider883 for tanks & decals

Spillone104 for sounds

Baffmeister for new, edited FM

New skins (6) and SF-2 conversion by me














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