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Virtual Black Sheep

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Dear friends,

A warm welcome to everybody, we are happy to show you our new Virtual Black Sheep’s home.


LINK: http://www.virtualblacksheep.com/


This project was born from Nero, Gladius mind and from their strong passion for the virtual flight.

This community want to be a group of serious people with good principles for the other and for ourself.

This concepts can be abstracted in three simply words: Harmony, Respect, Humbleness.

Thanks to ForumFree we realized a part of our dream, there we met many of you and thanks to you we have grown, so it is with an immense sense of gratitude that we say: Thanks!!!

The nights spent between the clouds, the new flight companions soon became friends and brother, the conflicts and the quarrels, all this things allowed the VBS to grown up not only technically but also inwardly.

Our way to handle a group is different from that adopted by other communities, and that you can only understand it by attending our team.

This absolutely does not mean that other methods of study and methods of flight are wrong or not relevant, but we go on our way to realize this project in the most simple way, clear and friendly as possible.

We are a group of Friends and Brothers in contact with Skype, TS, E-mail or by mobile phone, just a call or a message and you’re flying.

We don’t have military degrees, we are all equal, there isn’t a strict hierarchy, we have only a plan of study that makes the student, in short time, to be a pilot up and running.

The study and the concepts of flight, as in the real world, is a serious and more deep topic, it will be learned and applied in flight, this is the object that the VBS belived in.

VBS thanks for the trust that you will put on us, we will respond with our best efforts and dedication.


A special thanks to the referents of the various squadrons, that kepp alive the heart of VBS: Phanter, BandeNere.

We are open to collaboration.


VBS thanks all of you who will help us to sustain and expand our new community.

With profound respect by the founder of the Virtual Black Sheep Squadron,



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