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RAF Typhoon FGR4 Skinpack

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RAF Typhoon FGR4 Skinpack

RAF Typhoon FGR4 Skinpack


This pack is designed to replace/update the decals provided as part of Brain 32’s SF2 release of Bongodrivers EF2000 Typhoon

In addition it will also update my previous skins/decals for the Typhoon and add 2 new Squadrons – 1(F) Squadron and 41 Squadron.

You need to have the original add-on aircraft installed to use this pack – it can be downloaded from




Recommended Install Instructions:-

As this pack changes the installed decals and reflects the current equipment levels of the Squadrons represented within I strongly suggest that the following steps are used to install the pack.

  1. Install the original add-on to the SF2 saved game/mod directory of your choice.
  2. Open the Objects/Decals/Typhoon folder in your saved game folder
  3. Delete all the RAF skin folders (3 sqn, 11 sqn, 17 sqn and 29 sqn)
  4. Open the RAF Typhoon FGR4 Skinpack and extract the objects folder inside.
  5. Copy the objects folder to your saved game folder and allow it to merge with the existing objects folder. Allow any file overwrites.
  6. Load up the version of SF2 you have installed it to and ENJOY.


All credit deservedly goes to Bongodriver for the original and Brain 32 for converting it to SF2.





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