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Hunter F.4 Skins & Edits

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Hunter F.4 Skins & Edits

The Hunter F.4 first flew on 20 October 1954, and entered service in March 1955. A distinctive Hunter feature added on the F.4 was the pair of blisters under the cockpit, which collected spent ammunition links to prevent airframe damage. Crews dubbed them "Sabrinas" after the contemporary movie star. 365 built in service till '57.



What's in:


- RAF 4-43-54-66-67-71(2)-74(2)-93-98-111-112-118-130-145-222-234-245-247 Squadrons Skins

- RAF Central Flying School & Generic skins

- KLU (my old skins revised): camo (with all working squadrons badges), target tug, East Indies


- New historical decalset

- common with further Hunters packs RAF decals: letters, numbers, pennants.


- sounds

- pilot





- canopy open key=10 automatic closing at take off




- all in main mod folder




- plane TK/TW (Exp. 2)

- skins & edits Paulopanz

- decals Paulopanz & Spinners

- sounds & pilot ?



.... to be continued ALL Hunters 1-80 made / remade / in the makings







@ paulopanz


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